SHAME – The Illusion of…

I thought I knew what shame was when I couldn’t tell my mother what my father was doing to me at night. I thought I knew what shame was when staying awake all night started affecting my day to day high school life. I thought I knew what shame was when they told me that […]

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Ripple Effect

I created it from my lowest moments. I dabbled in spreading it. I attached a charity to it. I talked about it. I shared the cold, hard, honest truth of it with anyone who would listen. I had developed the skills to get over, around and through it. I wrote about it. I learned how […]

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It seems like a lifetime ago that I was the “old me”. I was stuck in a rut. I was literally freaking out because my oldest daughter was cutting, using and struggling with her mental health. Four years I thought I gave it my all. Four years I listened to all the people that knew […]

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Two Kinds of Courage

I preface this post with the following-  While I am grateful that I have both these women in my life today, I am not naive enough to think everyone gets the same ending to there adoption. I thank those who have shared their adoption stories with me, tears, laughs and everything in between. You are […]

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I consider myself to be fairly smart. I consider myself to be open to new ideas, new people and overall change. I consider myself to be fun, educated and full of life. I consider myself a great mom and a great friend. I consider myself courageous in the face of obstacles. I say all the […]

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Today is your 18thbirthday. I am glad you made it to this day. To be honest though, this isn’t how I pictured it then…. I didn’t think I’d be texting you a birthday wish. I didn’t think I’d be crying at what happened to get us here. I didn’t think my heart would be breaking […]

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Mother Daughter - Parents Never Give Up

Some moments may seem indistinguishable from others…others life changing. Recognizing this difference for me is key to the growth I have promised myself for 2018. This is part of my inner growth. Part of me realizing that I cannot judge what I have not lived. This is part of my need to share my story […]

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A Pain so Deep.

Painful Reality - Parents Never Give Up

There is a pain a parent feels. There is something that breaks off inside every time you have to watch your child get hurt or hurt themselves. It is a pain that has no description beyond PAIN. It is beyond hopelessness and it is out of the reach of love. It is lost forever, a […]

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Honesty - Parents Never Give Up

I cannot begin to understand what a teenager is experiencing today, versus what it is I experienced years (ok, decades) ago as a teen myself. We did not label it “anxiety” or even refer to it as “stress”. We didn’t know it wasn’t simply part of the emotional rainbow everyone was living. I think we […]

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The Call

I can remember it like it was yesterday…I found the courage to call the PLEO hotline. I was at my wits end. Funny looking back because I can’t remember what that was exactly, but I dialled the number. I probably dialled a couple times, hung up once or twice but eventually, I let it ring […]

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