About Parents Never Give Up

Parents Never Give Up was originally designed to be a simple blog page. A space for me to recount my stories and share my heartache, my fears and the lessons I have learned. Since writing my first blog, I have not stopped learning and growing. I have uncovered my passion and purpose in my life and now I live to support other parents who are dealing with children who are choosing to self-harm. I am passionate about no parent having to walk this journey alone.

It took me 4 long years to realize the one key part of parenting that I was missing throughout everything that was happening around me. When I realized it, I knew I had hit it on the head because I haven't’ looked back since. I have difficult days and I have painful moments, but I do not live in them like I used to.

I put my oxygen mask on first and realized this - that if I did not start taking care of my own health, immediately, I was not going to be around to help any of my children. That simple.

By health I mean every category of health you can think of, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. I could stay where I was then, or I could dig deep within myself and uncover what being a mother meant to me and how I wanted to show up for my kids and for myself moving forward. I could take a look at where I was and where I wanted to be. I realized in that moment that I had the courage inside me along with a healthy appreciation for faith in something to carry me through it all.

That is when I knew that Parents Never Give Up would be way more than a blog page. That is when I realized I would make it my mission to support parents with my experiences, the insights I can see now and the little things I missed. I would make it my mission to stand beside any parent that put their hand up and asked for support through the process.

I also realized that I could not control my daughter’s choices, no matter how much I wanted to, I could not keep her safe forever. That if she chose to continue on her destructive path, there was nothing I could do to stop that. I had to recognize my role as her mother, her parent and do my best to equip her with the tools, the love, the support and the compassion for her to go out and live her best life. For her to know that I would be there, but that the boundaries I had and the rules I had, the values I lived by and the love I had for myself mattered. I realized then that part of me was her parent, her role model, her cheerleader and her biggest supporter, her confidant, but that I also had to be those things for myself. That I had two other children who needed their mother as well.

So Parents Never Give Up is all of the above plus a 6 step process in Parenting in the Present Moment. It is a resource and a safe space for parents to connect and to share their stories. A space to find their voice and their legs. The foundation to create their future on moving forward in supporting themselves through all that comes with having a child who is self-harming. In reaching out and getting the one on one support I so desperately would have loved to have when I was dealing with all the mental health issues that entered the equation for myself and my daughter, my other children and my family and friends.

Reach out for your complimentary connection today. Schedule the call and take your first step in putting your oxygen mask on and empowering your journey forward as the person and parent you know you are.