Janet Taylor
August 26, 2017

Image Credit: ©SashaKhalabuzar - Deposit Photos

Being A Mom

I can look back and say that I always wanted to be a mom. I have a great mom. In fact I am blessed to have 2 moms. I was adopted and now know my biological mom. I figured it was something you were supposed to do and therefore I accepted that I was going to do it. I still hear myself saying,  "how hard can it really be".....

Three kids later and that question should never be asked if you are reading this and want to have children because "hard" doesn't even begin to touch the surface. Thank god for overwhelming reward, little kisses, never ending hugs and love like you have never felt before...and the PRIDE of being a parent...wow who knew that felt so good?

It is a choice and even with the ups, downs and the holy shit moments, I wouldn't trade away any of it. Once you read more you may find that comment to be a foolish one. You may say I should have traded it all just to have 3 healthy and happy children. That's ok. There was a time when I though I could trade it for my oldest to be happy and healthy and just perfect... but that would not be a reality. That also, would not have led me here.

So I hope you join me as I share with you my experiences, my knowledge, my humour and my strength as a parent of a drug addicted and mentally ill 17 year old daughter so that I may empower you to keep moving forward, to keep your chin held high and to be the best parent you can be no matter what anyone else may believe.