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I would like to be able to share my story with others at various events. I have made it my mission to empower others through my experiences. My goal in doing so is in starting a conversation around empowering yourself and in realizing the all too true expression, that “you are never alone” in your experiences.

The last few years of my life have been spent dealing with all the issues and anxieties that surround addictions and mental health in our youth. While my daughter is still facing her struggles with both, I find myself on the better side of this now.

It did not come easy. It did not come overnight. It came from asking questions, digging deep, sharing my experiences and in asking for help. It came in laughing and crying and mostly, in loving myself and her no matter what happened.

I made a choice in my youth as well that was difficult. It strengthened me in ways I forgot over the last few years. By asking myself some tough questions and not giving up on myself, I was able to find my true values. I was able to discover that I have a gift for seeing the brighter side of most things. While this gift is not infallible, it has given me a unique perspective on making my life, the life i deserve to live.

In sharing my story I hope to empower others to tap into their true beliefs and their true sources of strength and resilience.

I will share stories from my journey to today. I will share stories that will make you laugh, stories that will make you cry and stories that will have you shaking your head. Mostly, I will connect with you. Connect with you as friends connect so that you realize that we are all capable of overcoming anything we set our minds and hearts to overcoming.

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