On this page you will find some of the recent praise we have received from parents just like you who have been helped by Janet Taylor and Parents Never Give Up. Have your own success story with Parents Never Give Up to share? Share it here.

Janet has been a resource to my life for quite some time. Somewhere in February 2018, we discovered we were both parenting older teens, had a passion for personal development and were interested in the deeper, more thoughtful aspects of life. It's quite possible a year from now, enough people will discover her depth of insight in her heart-based, active listening coaching that few open spots remain. In the two and a half years that she has lent me her perspective, I have navigated some of the hardest stretches of recent memory.. including caring for a loved one after a stroke, selling a house and dealing with teen depression. She knows what she's talking about. An example?
She asked me how my depressed teen was responding to lockdown. My reply summed to being perplexed. My introverted teen was loving life confined to her room. Janet came up with three good ways to lure my teen to enjoy something outside of her bedroom. It worked.

Janet models the life she speaks of in our time together. Her authenticity is very high. I feel respected, encouraged and urged well to gain agreed goals. I recommend her highly for many reasons. Maybe the best reason to select Janet as your coach is that you would likely get her friendship in the mix. The value of that, could not be overstated.

~ Juline Bruck

I was experiencing anxiety, loneliness and low moods due to which I couldn't focus on anything also there was low productivity... I decided to seek help and guidance to get out of this state...so contacted you... You're reliable and most supportive person I've ever seen... You helped me in recognising my problem and also the source of problem... most importantly guided me to make my own way out of my darkness... I'm really inspired by you ... adopted some really good set of habits, new amount of positivity reflects in my personality...I owe you alot...my new perspective, my positivity and ofcourse my attitude... I'm really greatful to you for supporting me in the time of crisis and God for giving me wisdom to approach you... I'm truly blessed to have you as a friend, a mentor and also my gardian angel...

~ Anveshika Chauhan