Janet Taylor
August 26, 2017

Image Credit: ©stillfx - Deposit Photos

The Moment

Whether it was a phone call from the school or whether it was the weekend her father and I drove three hours to pick her up at a friend's cottage, I cannot remember. I do however, remember it involved her overdosing on alcohol or pills and it involved a follow up trip to the children's hospital emergency room....the first of many....too many to count.

All children experiment, right? Everyone does it, right? Every child experiments with drugs or alcohol? For me, I could only answer NO, not at 12 years of age. Not ever. I had only my reference to draw on then. She was my oldest....It was not in my experience and I was parenting based on experience. I could not come home high or "out of sorts" when I was 12. I was at the stage in my life then, where taking care of my mother and my sister was the priority or from the previously dangerous environment with an abusive father whose mood could never be trusted. Sure later I experimented with alcohol...never drugs. I had plenty of friends who did. I just didn't. Would I change that now to maybe have seen the signs....no. Every step has led me here. I had no understanding of experimenting with any drugs and I still don't. Personnally. I have friends that have battled and won. I have friends that have battled and lost. I have no understanding of the addicting side effects of drug use. I do however, have tons of expereince of loving someone with a drug addiction.