Janet Taylor
November 26, 2018

Image Credit: ©kikkerdirk - Deposit Photos

Two Kinds of Courage

I preface this post with the following- 

While I am grateful that I have both these women in my life today, I am not naive enough to think everyone gets the same ending to there adoption.

I thank those who have shared their adoption stories with me, tears, laughs and everything in between. You are all brave. To those of you who don't know, keep looking if you want, don't if you choose. Do what you need to do to find the answers for you.


Two Kinds of Courage.

It takes two amazing women to make it happen. It takes two women selfless in their choices to create an endless circle of love.
It takes two amazing women to give love unconditionally to each other through one little girl.
It takes two amazing women to make me who I am today.
Without either of these amazing women I am nothing. I am not a mother, a friend, a daughter....without these two amazing women I am not the woman I am.
True love and courage. That’s what this woman is made of all because one woman made a choice and another woman made another choice. Two amazing acts of courage enable me to be here.
Two amazing acts of courage empower me everyday I live here on Earth.
Two amazing women connected at a level very few can comprehend. Both with love on their hearts so overwhelming that it bubbles over to this day.
Two women, now friends with an untouchable bond and love for a child they both had a hand on creating.
Blessed would be an understatement.
Courage that flows through me brought about by two people connected by an energy we may never define. Two women I can relate too in different ways. Two women I can look up too with love, admiration, compassion and selflessness.
These women gave and asked nothing in return.
These women gave me love so unconditionally throughout their lives with me or without me that I am who I am.
Without these two women I would not be here today.
What one gives up momentarily, one assumes and treasures until both can be joined again.
The honesty and love involved is immeasurable. The sacrifice by one and the reception by another worked to create something only I can truly appreciate.
It is something I can be grateful for and treasure. It is a love I have been blessed to know. A selfless sacrifice two women make to create a love for a child that most will never understand or have to face.
There are choices some make that others cannot fathom. There are choices some make that we cannot judge. There are choices some make that connect others together in a larger circle for life.
I have two amazing and strong women in my life that I can call mother.
One who raised me, dealt with me day to day and taught me so much. One who I call mom. One who put herself second having adopted me two days prior to her birthday. One who took me as her own. A women who raised me to be a strong woman.
The woman who taught me never to give up. The woman who taught me I could do anything and be anything. The woman who taught me how to be a mom. The woman who held my hand and loved me no matter what. The woman who taught me how fortunate I was to have a powerful birth mother who had the courage to make the decision to give me up.
This woman, this woman who is also my mother made a decision that shaped the courage and love that flows through my veins today.
This woman put me first before I even understood what that meant.
This woman who made a selfless, almost impossible decision that I as a mother of three cannot fathom.
This woman who I have been blessed to know for almost half my life now has shaped a part of me that i cannot quote out my finger on.
Together, these two women have shaped me.
I am here today on the other side of what I thought an impossible position as a mom to overcome, because two women created a strong, courageous and fearless woman.